NO LAUGH TRACK No Laugh Track is Acme Comedy Company’s offical podcast. Host Justin Severson chats with Acme’s current headlining comedians every week. Get to know your favorite comedians a little bit better

April 15, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with Shane Torres!


Topics include: What he would be doing if he wasn't a comic, the fate of his Quibi show with Will Smith, and road tripping with Sam Evans!

April 8, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with Acme first-timer, Ryan O'Flanagan!


Topics include: Filming a golfing movie without know how to golf, finding the perfect Minnesota hat, comedy vs acting, "Butthole Chapstick", and being part of the COVID vaccine trials.

April 1, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with Jon Dore!


Topics include: Scare Tactics, teachers drinking, shark "facts", Humour Resources, acting with children, and night school vs summer school.

March 25, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with headliner, Andy Haynes!!

Topics include: Getting married during a pandemic, eating edibles before taping a special, traveling with a dog, shaving his head, going bald, and being bad at gambling!

March 18, 2021  

This week Just sits down with Acme first-timer, Josh Johnson!!

Topics include:

Performing in arenas with Trevor Noah, hobbies during quarantine, rescue dogs, the Daily Show, outdoor shows in NY, The Josh Johnson Show, and his video with 10 million views!


The Josh Johnson Show Podcast

March 4, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with Chad Daniels!!

Topics include:

Dad jokes, cabin quarantine, Fergus Falls crime, leftover t-shirts and being cool to your teenage daughter.

February 25, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with Acme first-timer JR De Guzman!

Topics include:

Flurries vs blizzards, earworms, musical comedy and standup purists, Shia Labeouf table reads, living in a van, 15 minute Netflix specials and social media calls for help.

February 18, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with Greg Behrendt!

Topics include: grey sweatpants, the Clubhouse app, life coaching, drive-in comedy shows, snow blower amputation, reality cooking shows and is Greg the next Nostradamus??

February 11, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with first-timer Jourdain Fisher!

Topics include: College Zoom shows, ice fishing, his uncle's owning a funeral home, having a birthday right before Valentine's day, meeting his significant other during lockdown, and his YouTube series, Gangsta Chef!!

February 4, 2021  

This week Justin sits down with Dan St. Germain after seven and a half years!

Topics include: 

Old guys in winter shorts, a wrestler's fall from grace, $500 to work with Howard Stern, good looking dogs, and Prince's doves.

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