NO LAUGH TRACK No Laugh Track is Acme Comedy Company’s offical podcast. Host Justin Severson chats with Acme’s current headlining comedians every week. Get to know your favorite comedians a little bit better

August 17, 2018  

This week Justin sits down with Chris Gethard! (The Chris Gethard Show, Career Suicide on HBO)


It's been over 4 years between appearances and Justin and Chris have a lot of catching up to do. They talk about Chris' new book, Lose Well, that's available for pre-order. The Chris Gethard Show its move from Public Access to a network and its cancellation. Chris also recalls the more memorable stories he's heard on his podcast, Beatiful Anonymous.

Lose Well:

Career Suicide:

Beautiful Anonymous:


As always, thanks to Circle of Heat for the intro music. Check them out here:

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