NO LAUGH TRACK No Laugh Track is Acme Comedy Company’s offical podcast. Host Justin Severson chats with Acme’s current headlining comedians every week. Get to know your favorite comedians a little bit better

March 20, 2013  

We have 2 guests again today, the very funny Henry Phillips, and the infamous Kjell Bjorgen. Kjell's name has been mentioned on the podcast before, and he made a "phone-in" appearance back on the Brendon Walsh episode. This episodes topics include comedy club names, Henry's first (and memorable) appearance at Acme, and his semi-biographical comedy film "Punching The Clown." #HecklingComics #StayInYourBed #PunchingTheClown

Find Henry at or on Twitter @Henlips

Find Kjell on twitter @Kjell_Bjorgen

Intro music is a clip ofJourney to the Sun supplied by Circle of Heat Click their Facebook above, or check them out.


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