NO LAUGH TRACK No Laugh Track is Acme Comedy Company’s offical podcast. Host Justin Severson chats with Acme’s current headlining comedians every week. Get to know your favorite comedians a little bit better

April 29, 2015  

We have a special double-header today with our 4 Crash and Burn Headliners. The premise of Crash and Burn is four national Headliners try to write a new 20 minutes in the stretch of one week. The only two rules are "No material that has ever been done on stage before", and "Keep it funny."

In the first episode we have headliners Tim Slagle and Andi Smith. In this episode we get to know No Laugh Track newbie Andi Smith. Andi describes restructuring her comedy goals after having a child, and growing up in rural Wisconsin. 
Tim Slagle returns for his 5th appearance on the No Laugh Track. He gives us an overview on this years Crash and Burn, and introduces the idea of doing the No Laugh Track live with an audience. 
Come see Crash and Burn April 28th - May 2nd.

Andi Smith

OR on Twitter @andismiths

Tim Slagle

OR on Twitter @TimSlagle

Intro music is a clip of Journey to the Sun supplied by

Circle of Heat

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