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September 29, 2016  

It's Wendy Liebman Week at Acme and NoLaughTrack!  Wendy and Justin had plenty of catching up to do.  Discussions on this episode include:  


-The top ten highest earning comics  #JohnBishop
-Dirty hotel rooms and Justin's family trip "up North" #NextToDuluthWe'reSuperior
-stolen jokes, including Wendy's own social media controversy with Amy Schumer 

-hanging with #RayRomano
-a self-imposed deadline for a very special project Wendy is working on with her husband #HomeOnTuesday
-Locally Grown Comedy
-Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones and #TheMonkees
-a Wendy Liebman ticket stub found on #Amazon


You can Catch Wendy here at Acme Sep. 28th - Oct. 1st


Wendy Liebman

Find Wendy at

Or on Twitter @WendyLiebman


Intro music is a clip of Journey to the Sun supplied by Circle of Heat Click their Facebook above, or check them out.

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