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October 21, 2016  

Chad Daniels!!! Chad returns for a very special week at Acme. An adopted son of the club, Chad finishes his week performing on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, Chad will join the Acme family as we host a private screening of "I Need You To Kill;" a documentary of Acme's tour throughout Asia in 2014. Starring: Chad, Tom Segura and Pete Lee. Directed by J. Elvis Weinstein, "I Need You To Kill" focuses on many story lines including the newly thriving Asian comedy scene. This documentary comes at a great time, as Chad is about to release his newest album, further cementing his place as one of the top comedians in the world. In this weeks episode, Justin and Chad also talk about his new favorite band "Band of Horses" and seeing Willie Nelson live in concert. 

Chad Daniels

Find Chad at

OR on Twitter @chaddaniels34

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